Frequently Asked Questions

If you need help, we have a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Click the questions below to view the answers.

Why should we supply our natural stones from Iran?

Iran is one of the richest countries in stone sources over the world, with huge reserves of Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Granite and Onyx quarries in many different colors. Iran is known as one of the main suppliers of natural stones in the world and this viability has been on the rise in the recent years.
                                               **Only 87 different types of Travertines have been discovered and extracted in Iran so far.**

What are the differences between cutting and processing in Iran to Italy and Spain?

Thanks to the use of the most advanced technology machinery and a  constant products research in contacted factories and using best materials such as epoxy resins, our processed stones for global markets are in top quality and no differences to Italy & Spain. Also we are able to meet any customer’s requests. Besides these advantages, compared to those countries, You will benefit greatly from more competitive prices also continuous and faster supply and delivery in Iran.

This is why our customers tend to purchase from us as the source even with great distances from Iran. Another point is having unique quarries that are trends globally, such as Orange onyx, White Onyx, Rainbow Onyx, Pietra Gray, Verde Tifone, White Fusion, Jurassic Tra-Onyx, Golden Lightning Granite, Costa Esmeralda Granite, Gohareh beige Limestone, Silver Emperador, Red Travertine, Walnut Travertine, Yellow Travertine,  Silver & Titanium Travertines, and many other stones which quarries are in Iran.

Is it possible to import from Iran now (2020) due to US sanctions?

Yes. Certainly. The sanctions have targeted most of Iran’s banking systems, as well as some of the transportation industry. But it has not closed the doors of Iranian trade! According to statistics, Iran’s foreign trade volume was reached 24 billion and 100 million dollars till the half of 2020.

Our customs do not release products originating in Iran and also there are not direct shipping lines from Iranian ports to my country. What is your suggestion?

The most common solution to this issue  is SWITCH BL or CROSS STUFFING. Our logistics division efforts to discover the best shipping route and conditions from the customer’s sight (price, transit time, free time, even having the preferential tariff of that country with the destination!) and inform customers with full details. Although most of this job is done in Turkey and the UAE, but we can do it in other countries for the ensuring the customers. This is one of our skills!

                                    *We believe that in business, the geographical borders of our country are beyond the borders drawn on the map.*
                                  With this belief, we can have more services for customers who are looking for professional suppliers. Join us and enjoy!

I noticed the issues of shipping and certificate of origin resolved. But my bank does not transfer any payment to Iran. What's the solution?

Yes. Unfortunately, that is the case. For many years Iran has been affected by sanctions for years, and businessmen/women and companies have become accustomed to it. We have always used our foreign companies in other countries for financial transfers. Companies, which are not even owned by Iranians. So you can safely import your stones from Iran without transfer money to Iran. However, the stone industry has not been subjected to US sanctions.

For your rest in confidence, we do not mention any name of Iran in documents (place, stone, etc). For example, we use Cream Marble instead of Dehbid Marble. Dehbid is a well-known city in Fars Province for its cream marbles. The most expensive globaly cream marble comes from a few quarries of this city

Which are the suitable Incoterms for safe importing from Iran depending to these conditions?

Due to this fact that only Iranian insurance companies insure export containers and having our logistic extensive experience of cooperation with international transportation companies, we always ask our customers to let us manage directly their containers from the factory to the destination port/warehouse, and all the risks until the destination port/warehouse be on our responsibility. As the representative of our customers, we always offer the best shipping rates with the best available conditions.

According to the answer, we are more comfortable to sell on DAP Incoterms 2020 (for land transportation and multi-modal transportation) and CIF Incoterms 2020 for ocean freights. But we accept EXW, CPT and FOB all Incoterms 2020.

Notice: Even you choose FOB, our responsibility does not end and our logistics division is obliged to correspond with the shipping company that you informed and make sure of the shipping conditions, so that if they feel any issue they will share with you.

DAP & CIF both are better terms for us (depending price and conditions) but sometimes my bank asks me to the insurance policy in CIF Incoterms. For this situation what's your solution?

Thats a good question! We always share this issue with our customers.

Our solution to this issue is that we actually sell our stones with CIF Incoterms 2020. But we mention it as CFR Incoterms 2020 in documents. Therefore, your bank will never ask you for insurance policy. Almost we use “Clause A Insurance” for our containers.

I accept all payment, shipping and contract items and thank you for mentioned them. But I am not sure about the quality, specification or even packaging that we agreed on? Will I receive exactly what I ordered?

According to several years of experience in supplying and  supervising the production and managing QC teams based in contracted factories and direct inspection over each piece of stone produced (slab/tile), but at finally each one will be inspected before palletizing. We keep our customers informed from the beginning to packaging by various photos and videos. *When you trust us as  your reliable supply chain, we take that seriously.* But we reserve the right for our customers for inspecting all orders by a well-known company. We suggest inspection companies like SGS, BV and IEI.

How to order?
  1. Select from website, Newsletters sent, Instagram or Facebook.
  2. Connect to us and send details include Name, Code, Size, Quantity,  Destination Port and time by email or whatsapp.
  3. We connect to you less than 48 hours and send all details about your order.
  4. 24 hours after receiving your confirmation we send the signed contract and PI for you.
  5. Delivery starts after 14 or 30 days from confirm deposit received on account.
Will I be able to trace my order?

Our logistic team is obliged to trace the containers continuously and inform you their situation. Especially because of the congestion in some ports to prevent long stop.

Are the photos on your website are actual photos of the stones?

Yes. All the images you see on our website are from the actual slabs. The main image represents the first slab in each block of natural stone. Each image is professionally photographed and colour calibrated to properly display the true colour of the stone – the veining and overall look of the slab will closely reflect the actual slab you are ordering.

There will be slight variations in colour due to differences in computer screen quality and the natural movement of colour and patterning through the block.

Why we should use natural stones instead of porcelain or ceramics?

Wide variety of colors, tones and textures, combined with the characteristics acquired in nature itself, such as veins and imperfections, make the use of natural stones in the architecture an aspect of exclusivity and refinement to each designed environment.

In addition to its aesthetic value and durability, the choice of each material tells a lot about the personality and style of each client. Due to the wide variety of natural stones available in the Brazilian market it is possible to please from clients who opt for classic products, to modern clients, who bet on colored stones with textures and movements.

Due to it all, the use of the stones in the decoration turns the space into a true piece of art, in addition to conferring unquestionable beauty and authenticity.

  • A storyteller choice 
  • Exclusive art gallery
  • Versatility in decoration
  • Beauty that goes beyond generations 
  • Maintenance without effort
Does Roaststone supply natural stones which are not on the collections?

Yes, Roaststone offers its clients over 70 natural stones from around the country. Furthermore, our extensive network of contacts allows us to provide our customers with virtually any natural stone products they require. Also sometimes we share stones on social networks or on newsletters that are not in our catalog.

Our purchase team have up-to-date awareness over most of Iran’s quarries and can meet your needs in different types and colors. We will be happy to assist.