Founded in 2012, Roast Stone is revered for our professional partnerships and projects.

We are proud to service globally.


Our faith in God governs our actions and is shaping our destiny. As rough stone blocks are carved into beauty, we have been refined over the years into what we are today.

Complacency is not a part of Roast Stone and we strive for constant refinement. Refinement of ourselves, our products and our services. Through these principles we have founded our success.


Roast Stone has emerged internationally over the past 8 years as a respected natural stone resource for both large and small projects. We possess extensive knowledge in the procurement of  unique stones parlayed by over a century’s worth of experience in the stone craft.

Experience and Customer Equity are our backbone and the reason Roast Stone Group is a team asset for international project designers, architects and contractors.


Our passion lies on the stone surfaces and within The heart of employees who strive with all their might and commitment. Whether it is a small or big project, our clients rest in confidence knowing they are in the right hands.

With our team, the only limitations are project scales and time. We thrive on collaborative  thinking and creativity with those whom dare to live outside the box.


Committed, Creative, Experienced and Passionate team.

Q.C team of Roast Stone: This team takes 3 steps. Quarry and block inspection, processing line, packaging and stuffing inspection. In fact, we supervise from the selection of first choice and quality blocks from the quarry to standard packing for global market.

Quality and continuity: Most of the famous quarries in Iran have almost similar quarries. As your supply chain, we only buy from major(original) quarries that also extract standard blocks and are active all the year. This section is where we have a lot of sensibility and exactitude on it.

Having forged close working relationships with factories equipped by Italian machines using best materials.

Professional logistics division: Proudly we have one of the most professional and up-to-date export logistics divisions with the latest news related to their sector in Iran, that have shipped our containers to the target markets in 5 continents(Despite all the challenges of sanctions). Now with a large network of the best international shipping companies, they are ready for your call or email to ship your order. Our logistics division is one of our main advantages which completely solves any concerns of our customers in all parts of the world (even in countries with no political or economic relations).

Speed and delivery time: After taking each order, our purchasing team purchase high quality blocks directly from quarries and, our QC team which is present in contracted factories start to thorough inspections from cutting blocks to stuffing your slabs/tiles on the agreed time upon in containers. Although, most of the time we have a big amount of our stones in the factories which are ready to load.

Competitive prices: Competitive price besides providing professional and different services has always been one of our distinguishing points from our globally competitors. Join us and enjoy!

Support large scale orders: By having a huge capacity of our contracted factories, which have been equipped by the latest Italian machines, using best materials and experienced staff, we are ready to receive large orders in any size and dimensions.

So, If you are looking for the key suppliers in Iran stone sector, feel free to join us and enjoy!