Jurassic Travertine Onyx

Jurassic Traonyx

Jurassic Traonyx


Stones are classified in to some main classes. Like Granite, Marble,Onyx and Travertine. These classes have some common properties as well as have some different properties which changes their application, but there is some stones in nature which are made by combining two or more stone types and are not included in non of these classes. One of these types of stones is Traonyx stone where has no similar physical and chemical properties with other classes and as it can be seen from the name of Traonyx stone, it is composed of two work of travertine and Onyx, which is composed of these two types of stones.


Jurassic Traonyx


How Traonyx stone forms:

Sedimentation stones find suitable conditions to be converted under the effect of surface and underground pressures and near the hot water springs and if they have conversion property, they converted to Marble crystals. But, the conversion process of travertine stone to Marble despite of need high pressure and temperature conditions it also need long time to be passed. After the reaction and creation of Marble crystals, however the chemical mixture does not change but there are many changes in mechanical properties and its appearance, so that there is possibility to light passing from Marble crystals. Generally, it can be said that due to the conversion of travertine stone, the Marble stone crystals are produced and the Marble stone is the same cured travertine. Now, if the environment conditions are not enough perform the reaction or before and after the completion of converting travertine to Marble crystals from mine, the extraction performed, the extracted product is travertine stone which a part of it is converted to Marble crystals and has different physical and appearance properties compare with travertine and Marble stone and they created a new classification which is called Traonyx stone.


Jurassic Traonyx


Application and how the Traonyx stone are used:

One of the best applications of Traonyx slab is cutting of this stone which can placed along side each other called book match and by lightening behind it attractive and fascinating scenes are created.

As can be seen in new styles in decoration design, designers want to use theme and patterns inspired by nature in their projects in which irregular motifs and contrasting patterns and colors come together in order to reduces the life from modern uniformity and repetitiveness, where Traonyx stones are one of the best materials to achieve this target. This stone with its irregular motifs and opposite colors give natural sense to artificial town houses, and if being used by used by designers, it will create a desirable result.


Application of Traonyx stones:
• Decorative
• Toilets
• Pavement of residential units
• Table and cabinet of kitchen
• Pavement of religious places

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